Eliza Rickman

"Margaret" Tour with Jason Webley

I am honored to be a part of Jason Webley's production of "Margaret"- a collaborative album about a young woman whose scrapbook was found in a dumpster. Following the success of a wildly popular Kickstarter campaign, the album and book will be released on 12/12... AND WE'RE TOURING THE WEST COAST!

Tour stops include Seattle, Portland, Eugene, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Check Jason's website, facebook, or the "tour" section of this site for further details.

The lineup includes some of the best songwriters in the country, who happen to also be some of my favorite humans.

See you in December!







New Orleans and Georgia this Fall

Very excited to announce my trip to the city where "the devil's existence is freely recognized" (Flannery O'Connor) this fall for the Halloween season.

There will be a fancy dinner party called "Eliza Rickman in Wonderland"- an intimate supper and song event under a legendary crepe myrtle tree in New Orleans.

There will be a benefit show for the OTO Temple with my dear friend and performer extraordinaire Vinsantos and my very fierce new friend Jill Tracy.

There will be an All Hallows' Eve performance at a baby grand piano during the "Drowned Sailors Wake" til the wee hours of the morning.

There will be a Dia de los Muertos party at my sweet friend Adelita's stunning home in Covington, Louisiana (one gorgeous 45 minute drive up the causeway), with the incredibly charming, pink-haired, ukulele-toting Austin transplant known as Fantasy.

And because it is my favorite and the stars are aligning, I will then be visiting that peach of a state- beautiful Georgia. Visiting Dame Darcy, who has recently designed several new merch items for me (see one example below). We're performing in Savannah at The Jinx.

See the "tour" section of this site for any and all details regarding these events.

I am currently looking for a sweet house concert or dinner party in Atlanta- any night from 11/08-11/11. Please email me if you are interested in hosting.

Big Love & see you soon,




December Tour with Jason Webley!


By now, many of you have heard of Jason Webley's whimsical project, "Margaret", inspired by a woman whose scrapbook was found in a dumpster. It is a collaborative effort about this woman from Jason's hometown named Margaret Rucker. He hired me (and several of our other fabulous, talented songwriter friends) to write songs based on or inspired by her life and poetry. The Kickstarter is over, but you should watch the video here. It is a deeply moving story, and the campaign was a mega-success. As a result, we will be taking the show on the road this December for a brief west-coast tour around Margaret Rucker's birthday. Check the "tour" section of this site to see if we're coming to you!

I went up to the Seattle area to record my contributions to the "Margaret" album a couple of weeks ago, and since it was my birthday, Jason and I played a sweet little show at a local cafe for our friends. Thank God my pal Sarah brought her camera.

A Much-Needed Update: Tour with "Welcome to Night Vale", Thank You, and Recording!

Summer tour with "Welcome to Night Vale" was incredible! Thanks so much to all of you who came out to the shows and piled on the love- there was so much of it. And I am lucky to have toured with such a delightful group of folks.

While on tour, the campaign for my double-album Kickstarter was up. And holy mother- did you guys deliver! Over $31k- over $9k over the goal- and almost 800 backers. I am moved even thinking about it now. THANK YOU! I am the luckiest girl alive to get to do what I love for a living, and it is an exciting time to be making music independently.

And this means that I've already been in the studio! Doug Jenkins (of the Portland Cello Project) and I worked on round one of the sessions this month in Portland. Taking some time now to write choir and string arrangements before resuming next month.

Below is a selfie taken after getting a bunch of red heart stickers placed on me by fans following a show with "Welcome to Night Vale" in Salt Lake City in July.

So much big love,




I'm Making Two New Records, and I Need Your Help!

Hi, everybody! I'm about to start working on both a sophomore album, as well as a covers record, with Doug Jenkins of the Portland Cello Project. I am thrilled to finally bring you new material, but because I don't have a record label, I need your help! Thanks for checking out my campaign, please spread the word, and THANK YOU to everyone who has generously pledged so far! I love you and couldn't do this without you!