Eliza Rickman

Album Release Shows in LA & SF!

Dear California,

Although I haven't been around this year, you're still my home. I am releasing my beautiful new album this fall, and celebrating with two record release shows in the golden state, followed by a tour with Welcome to Night Vale, of course. I'll be playing the new album, "Footnotes for the Spring", in its entirety with a band at both performances.

October 20, I'll be in Los Angeles at The Hotel Cafe.

October 22, I'll be in San Francisco at The Lost Church*.

PLEASE NOTE: All presale tickets are discounted AND come with a free download of the new album!

Can't wait to see and share this new material with you!

* Feat comedy by Natasha Muse and an opening solo set by my favorite local artist, Laura Weinbach of Foxtails Brigade.




Midwest Summer Tour with Rasputina!

Well, as if an impending album release and tour with 'Welcome to Night Vale' weren't exciting enough, I have been invited to join forces with Rasputina for one week this summer! I'll be hitting the midwest, which is perfect for all you WtNV fans bumming that I won't be in your region of the country this fall. Come see me fangirl over Melora Creager- a force of nature, trail blazer, and inspiration for quirky ladies like myself. Seriously, if someone had asked me to make a list of bands I should be opening for, Rasputina would have been up near the top. So excited!

Can't wait to see you! Check the "tour" section of this site for more details.



Back in the States, Finishing my Albums, and ... I'm Touring with Welcome to Night Vale Again This Fall!!!

Greetings from Seattle! I am still recovering from a few too many adventures abroad on a very fun whirlwind of a European tour, as well as drunken late nights in NYC, and the humidity and mosquito bites of New Orleans. This site will be undergoing an intense overhaul very soon, but here's the news for now:

* Dame Darcy and I are working on a three-page comic about my "Romp through Europe". All I will say for now is that there are a lot of men in it.

* The final set is currently being built in the bayou of New Orleans for the "Lark of my Heart" music video. The stills I've seen from our footage so far are stunning. Now we have to shoot the Eliza puppet with her moody, brooding love interest. It will be released late summer/early fall.

* I am wrapping up both new albums this summer here in the state of Washington. 'Footnotes for the Spring', my long overdue followup to 'O, You Sinners',  has a release date of Oct 20. 'The Fire Went Wild' is a collection of cover songs, and it will have an internet-only release shortly before then. I revealed a crop of the latter's album cover yesterday on instagram, which you can view here.

* Last but not least, I am THRILLED to announce that I will be teaming up with "Welcome to Night Vale" yet again this fall! This will also account for the US/CAN leg of my album release tour, which seems extra fitting since that little podcast is how so many of you have heard of me (below is a collage of polaroids I took while on tour with them last year). Check the "tour" section of this site for show dates. My EU show dates will be posted by the end of the summer.




And Europe Tour Starts ... Now!!!

At long last - princess Eliza is beyond thrilled to be in the land where princes come from. Here is the updated tour poster for this spring's incredibly rigorous route.

A lot of hard work, late nights, countless emails, blood, sweat and tears went into booking this tour. Check the "tour" section of this site for venues and further details. And please spread the word to everyone you know in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Belgium.

Looking forward to seeing so many of you!




Europe Tour - Spring 2015

I am ecstatic to announce my first ever European tour! A whirlwind romance it shall be, and we will be swept up in it very soon. Please come, bring your friends, and spread the word.

For venues and more info, check the "tour" section of this site.